Help Your Child Avoid Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis, or pink eye as it is more widely known, is a common eye condition that runs rampant in many daycares, schools, and other child-friendly environments. While complications from pink eye are not as common, the condition is one that you should help your child avoid if at all possible. Discover some things you can do to lower your child's risk. Hand-Washing Skills Ensure your child develops excellent hand-washing skills. Many cases of pink eye are transferred when a child comes in contact with the infection-causing bacteria. Read More 

Insight To Prevent And Treat Cataracts And Their Affects On Your Vision

Cataracts are a condition that affects many Americans each year and can be caused by several factors, from hereditary to environmentally-caused. Here are three ways you can prevent, reduce, and treat for cataracts in your eyes. Keep a Healthy Lifestyle A majority of cataracts develop because of your age, with your risks for cataracts increasing after the age of 40. But there are changes you can make in your life at any age to help reduce your chances of developing cataracts. Read More 

3 Tips To Help Your Teen Choose Eyeglasses

The underlying health of your teen's eyes is important, but their ability to see should also be a priority. Unfortunately, many teenagers refuse to wear prescription eyeglasses because they make them feel physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Without wearing these glasses, your teen will struggle reading, writing, and viewing computer screens and chalk/smart boards at school. By using these tips, you will be able to find the right glasses for your teen's comfort and vision needs. Read More 

The Eyes Have It: How To Protect Your Eyes This Winter

If you thought your eyes didn't need extra protection during the winter, you were wrong. While most people know that they need to give their eyes extra protection during the summer, they often fall short of providing the right amount of protection during the winter. If you fall into that category, you need to take action to avoid winter eye damage. Here are just four the steps you can take to protect your eyes when the weather is cold. Read More 

Are Your Eyes Holding Back Your Cosplay Efforts?

Cosplay is more popular than ever, no matter whether you're interested in video games, anime, or comic books. Dressing up and looking as close as possible to your favorite character is a difficult task, especially if you need vision correction. Unfortunately, having poor vision can keep you from having the perfect costume, or it can make it a very expensive ordeal. Keep reading to learn some of the problems you could face with poor vision while cosplaying and how to break the cycle. Read More