3 Tips To Help Your Teen Choose Eyeglasses

The underlying health of your teen's eyes is important, but their ability to see should also be a priority. Unfortunately, many teenagers refuse to wear prescription eyeglasses because they make them feel physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Without wearing these glasses, your teen will struggle reading, writing, and viewing computer screens and chalk/smart boards at school. By using these tips, you will be able to find the right glasses for your teen's comfort and vision needs.


First and foremost, you need to choose frames that fit your teen's face in the most comfortable manner possible.

The nose pads on the frame should fit evenly on each side of the nose. These pads are designed to create a comfortable layer between the frames and skin, but they help hold the frames in place.

The frame should not rest on the cheeks or sit on top of the bridge of the nose. They should always remain in place without the worry of moving them up and down the face throughout the day.


The shape of the frames is also important for your teen's comfort and their overall appearance. Not only frames work with all face shapes, so knowing which type of frame works best for your teen's face is wise.

If your teen's face is round, suggest angular narrow frames, which will lengthen the face. For an oval shape, your teen should wear walnut-shaped frames that balance out the wider middle section of the face. Diamond faces will benefit from wearing cat-eye or oval frames. Rimless frames also work well with people who have an oval-shaped face.

It is important to note that your teen's prescription may affect their ability to wear certain frames. For example, if your teen needs a higher prescription, the lens will need to be thicker. Thicker lenses will not work in thin, narrow frames, so a different option will be required.


The color of your teen's skin will be a key factor in determining what color frame will look best.

If your teen has a warmer skin tone, frames in brown or a metallic color will work well. Frames in a bold color are also nice against warm skin tones.

For cooler skin tones, muted colors and lighter shades of metal, such as gray and silver, are ideal.

No matter what glasses your teen chooses, make sure they try on a few different pairs. These tips will help your teen find comfortable and flattering eyeglasses that will help them see in a more clear and concise manner.  Contact a clinic, like Vision Eyeland Super Optical LLC, for more help.