If Your Eyes Get Dry Wearing Contacts, Try These Solutions

Contact lenses should not make your eyes feel uncomfortably dry, unless perhaps you've been wearing them for 18 hours or the wind has been blowing in your face. If your eyes are feeling dry and scratchy after just a few hours of contact lens wear, then something is amiss. Here are a few solutions you can try to make wearing your contacts more comfortable. Switch Solutions The problem could be that the contact solution you are using does not really agree with your eyes. Read More 

Answers To Your Questions About Multifocal Contacts

Contact lenses aren't just for those that are near-sighted. If you wear bifocals or multifocals glasses, you can also wear contact lenses. This is especially good news if you aren't fond of glasses or participate in activities where glasses are uncomfortable. The following guide can help answer some of your questions about multifocal lenses. Who is a good candidate for multifocal lenses? Anyone that can wear single-vision contacts can also wear multifocal lenses. Read More 

The Importance of Protecting Your Eyes in the Summer

If you look forward to the warmer months of summer so that you can spend more time outdoors, chances are you always take certain precautions when it comes to protecting your skin. You are probably well aware that the damaging rays of the sun can cause skin cancer. In fact, one out of five Americans will get skin cancer during their lifetime. It is equally important to protect your eyes when you're out in the sun. Read More 

Are You At Risk For Developing Cataracts?

Over 24.4 million adults in the U.S. have or have had cataracts, and most of these individuals are 40 years old or older. If you are approaching this age and are wondering what your chances are of developing cataracts, it might be important to understand the risk factors that typically lead to the development of cataracts. Here are some of the most common risk factors and causes of cataracts. Age Read More 

Learn About The Biggest Benefits To Contacts, Glasses, And Lasik Eye Surgery

If you have vision issues then you want to make sure you end up choosing the right vision correction method for you. If you are interested in wearing either glasses or contacts then you can get both and they you will be able to enjoy the benefits each offers. Otherwise, you want to learn about the benefits that Lasik eye surgery offers so you can put the need for those prescription lenses behind you. Read More