Are Your Eyes Holding Back Your Cosplay Efforts?

Cosplay is more popular than ever, no matter whether you're interested in video games, anime, or comic books. Dressing up and looking as close as possible to your favorite character is a difficult task, especially if you need vision correction. Unfortunately, having poor vision can keep you from having the perfect costume, or it can make it a very expensive ordeal. Keep reading to learn some of the problems you could face with poor vision while cosplaying and how to break the cycle.

Glasses Break Realism

If you wear glasses for vision correction, those spectacles could get in the way of your cosplay very easily. There are a few characters you could potentially dress up as who wear glasses themselves, which would make it acceptable for you to wear glasses while you're in costume. However, it's not as much fun to have to limit yourself to characters who wear glasses to cosplay. It's also difficult to constantly be tasked with taking glasses off whenever someone asks you for a photo so you can look the part.

Colored Prescription Contacts Are Expensive

Many people wear contact lenses to correct their vision, and they allow for a wider expanse of cosplay choices, too. However, they aren't without their downsides.

If you need contacts for vision correction, those contact lenses can get expensive quickly if you cosplay characters who have different colored eyes from you. Colored contacts can give you the look readily, but getting multiple pairs of colored contacts complete with your prescription is pricey. Plus, most contact lenses are disposable, so they aren't a permanent investment.

Laser Eye Surgery Permanent Solution

If you want to have good vision all the time and be able to cosplay whatever character you like, laser eye surgery is the way to go.

Laser eye surgery permanently improves your vision, allowing you to see without glasses or contact lenses. Once your eyes are treated, you'll be able to dress up as anyone you like. If your character wears glasses, you can get a pair with no prescription. The same is also true of contacts for characters with an eye color different than your own, and with no prescription, they'll be much cheaper. As an added bonus, you can even wear circle lenses, which make eyes look bigger and more colorful than traditional contacts with the drawback that they are almost never available in vision correction prescriptions. With laser eye surgery, you won't need them to be.

Laser eye surgery can give you great vision every day of the week and provide plenty of possibilities for you to cosplay as. If you're tired of having poor vision, contact a clinic like Cornea Consultants of Nashville