The Subtle Signs Your Eyesight Might Be Getting Worse

No one ever anticipates their eyesight getting worse, and for some people, it is a very gradual process and they are eventually surprised to find they have poor vision at an eye exam. You should never live with a medical condition when you can either improve it or at least limit the long-term damage. Optometry has many different treatment programs for your eyes, some are common like glasses and contact lenses while others are rarer like surgery. Whatever the case may be, the most important step is actually going to get help, so here are some signs your eyesight might be getting worse and you should get an eye exam.

Driving At Night

Driving during the day is generally quite simple because most roads are open, you can see far in the distance and all the signs are clearly visible in nice, soft sunlight. However, at night much of what was clear in the day is now illuminated by artificial lights that, for many people, can be quite distorted. If you find it harder and harder to tell how far something is in front of you or how many cars are around you at night, then you might want to consider getting your vision checked. 

Depth Perception

One of the less obvious signs of vision decline is a loss of depth perception. Depth perception is vital for so many things, from writing to walking up some stairs, so if you find yourself tripping up a little bit on the corner of a carpet or making a few more mistakes than usual you don't have to suffer in silence. There have been great improvements in eyeglasses that can help with depth perception and optometry is getting better and better at treating those who suffer from this. 


For most people seeing is completely instinctual. You do not need to instruct your eyes to focus on something you want to look at, they will just automatically do it for you. If you are realizing that you actually do need to make a conscious effort to focus on something close or far away, then you could be suffering from some sort of degradation in your vision. A trip to the optometrist for a few eye exams will be able to pinpoint the exact problem and help you regain control over one of the most basic and important functions your eye does. 

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