Are You At Risk For Developing Cataracts?

Over 24.4 million adults in the U.S. have or have had cataracts, and most of these individuals are 40 years old or older. If you are approaching this age and are wondering what your chances are of developing cataracts, it might be important to understand the risk factors that typically lead to the development of cataracts. Here are some of the most common risk factors and causes of cataracts.


Cataracts in your eyes can lead to cloudy and impaired vision, and they typically occur gradually over time. A cataract forms on the lens of the eye, and this happens as the lens in your eye loses its flexibility and becomes thicker. As this happens, a cloudy film can develop on the lens, and this is what a cataract is. If you have a cataract, you might not know that it is there; however, you are likely to experience problems with your vision.

Most cataracts are age-related, which means there is not a lot you can do to prevent them. As you age, your chances of developing cataracts will keep increasing the older you get. Over half of people that are over the age of 75 have experienced cataracts, but people that are younger can also get them too.


If you have diabetes, you are automatically at a higher risk for developing cataracts. Diabetes requires a person to manually control his or her blood-glucose levels. When the levels are off, especially when they are too high, the person's eyes can be affected by this. Because of this, it is vital to control your blood-glucose levels if you are diabetic. By controlling these levels, you can reduce your risks of getting cataracts.

Eye Injuries And Diseases

Anyone that has ever had an eye injury is also at a higher risk for developing cataracts. Most eye injuries can be fixed with the help of an eye doctor; however, the tissue in the eye can be affected after the treatment is completed. This can increase your chances of cataracts forming, no matter how old you are. Any type of disease of the eye can also increase your odds with this.

If you feel that your risks are high for developing cataracts, visit an eye doctor every year for an exam. This is a great way to find out the condition of your eyes and treat any problems you may have. To learn more about this, schedule a visit with an eye doctor like Budget Optical.